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Hello,smile I am Coach Lara. I am a Human Resources Professional

and certified coach.

I offer you solutions from my wealth of expertise garnered from local & global HR best practices and coaching.

There is currently a huge gap in helping young people find their career paths early in life. Some find it at their later age.

Unfortunately, our academic system does not offer any significant assistance on how to find desirable life-long career and how to discover innate talents on time. 

A higher percentage of people who have built successful careers, didn’t discover them on time.Now, imagine if they had had the opportunity to discover their careers earlier.

I am here to bridge that gap! I combine my experience, expertise, progressive knowledge and coaching methodologies to help people accelerate their career aspirations.

I assist people to discover their talents and position them for greater results. Your career is your sole responsibility but you need a coach to help you soar!!  I will be sharing some coaching strategies to get you started on accelerating your career!


Creative Thinking

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. ... However, its modern meaning as an act of human creation did not emerge until ...... Progress: The Algorithmic Principle Behind Curiosity and Creativity. From Wikipedia, the free...

Accelerate your career with proven career coaching methodologies to enable you build a relevant and exciting career as you desire.



I am very grateful to Coach Lara for being a great instrument to discover my career strengths. I didn’t realise i could do some careers before her coaching and I have been able to have diversity in career choices based on my personality profile. I have also learnt to have a focus and vision even in this diversity. I appreciate your efforts greatly and we need more of you in our society.
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Prior to Coach Lara’s coaching, I was a lost, confused, young lady who didn’t know which career to go for. The coaching has made me realize my leadership traits and many other career opportunities. I am currently utilizing to my advantage. As you can see, even telling from my looks, I am all smiles. I am grateful to you and may your efforts bring you numerous rewards and satisfaction. I appreciate you Coach Lara.All the love MA.


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